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Portable refrigerator 12v 220v – Buying guide

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Portable refrigerator 12v 220v

Are you looking for the best 12v 220v portable fridge? We understand that it may not be a fun process. It is difficult to decide which one to choose because there are many on the market. Different models, brands and configurations may also be difficult to compare. For this reason, you should know some considerations to find one that suits your needs.

On board your van or camper or even in your tent, there is no better feeling than feeling the comfort of your own home with all the things we need including drinks and always fresh food. A 12v 220v portable refrigerator is the ideal solution for your travels.

In this article we offer you a buying guide on how to choose the 12v fridge cooler for your camper, boat or van.

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The best 12v 220v portable refrigerator

In our opinion, the choice of the best portable refrigerator is mainly divided into two solutions: Domestic and Icecube. The first is a very well known brand in the field of refrigeration in recreational vehicles. Of course the quality is paid but it is really worth it. The second is Icecube, a new brand in this field but offering truly unbeatable quality and prices. Without a doubt, by opting for one of these two brands you will certainly not be disappointed.

What is a 12V refrigerator / how does it work

The 12V refrigerator is a special portable mini refrigerator designed and manufactured for mobile environments, such as boats, buses, trucks, travel trailers and recreational vehicles.

It works the same way as standard home refrigerators. However, this type of refrigerator works with low energy consumption. It can run on LP or propane or AC / DC depending on the model selected and the power source available.

Types of 12V refrigerators

Before investing in a recreational vehicle refrigerator, you should also know the types of RV refrigerators to choose from and purchase. By knowing this information, you will be able to better compare and evaluate your options.

There are mainly 2 types of 12v portable refrigerators for RVs and RVs

  • Trivalent refrigerator. It is called this because it can be powered in three different ways, depending on the circumstances: 12 V, 220 V, gas. They do not excel in performance when powered on 12v, medium performance when running on gas, and good performance at 220v.
  • Compressor refrigerators . Considered by campers as the best refrigerators, they have among the advantages the possibility of maintaining excellent performance even in the event of extreme external temperatures, perfect operation even in an inclined position, low consumption, possibility of powering through solar panels, 12/24 volt DC power supply or 12/24 volts DC and 100 – 240 volts AC.

Why do you need a 12V refrigerator?

A RV refrigerator and freezer is needed for many reasons. It differs from the traditional household refrigerator in that it is smaller to fit the vehicle space. But that is not all! Check out some of the things that make this mini fridge a must-have for your travels.

Versatile:  it is ideal for many applications, including solar ones. You can also use it on boats, camping, and fishing. It can also be used on trucks and buses.

Portable:  It has a lighter weight than standard models for homes, so it’s easy to move from one place to another without any problems. Some of them even have a trolley design that makes it easy to transport from home to the vehicle.

Easy to Use:  It’s also easy to use because it works like a standard refrigerator with controls for temperature and other settings.

Energy Efficient:  The mini fridge also saves energy and can draw low power.

Innovative:  Many models also have high-tech features that make them easier to use.

Built for Harsh Mobile Environments: It’s made with heavy-duty components making them ideal for rough roads.

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