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How to Choose the 17 INCH Rims and What You Need to Know

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Car rims are one of the most important components. The aesthetic impression depends a lot on the rims (some say that only the rims define 80% of the beauty of a car), the performance of the car, the stability and control , the hardness and general comfort , and the vitality of the suspension . Furthermore, having multiple rim kits is also an economical choice , but we will talk about how to choose 17 inch rims in the article. So you can understand that you have to pay close attention to the choice of 17 inch rims and their combination with suitable tires .

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Types of Rims and Materials

The rims can be in aluminum alloy or iron / steel . The former , now increasingly popular, allow for a slight reduction in fuel consumption and make the suspension slightly more reactive thanks to their lightness. From an aesthetic point of view, the difference is obvious: the alloy wheels are decidedly more elegant. But be careful: they are also much more delicate , as they are more prone to abrasion scratches, due to crushed stone that rises from the ground while driving, and more vulnerable in collisions with sidewalks. The iron / steel rims are much more robust than the small daily problems, even if over time they could present problems of corrosion and rust that must be fixed quickly to safeguard their duration. Furthermore, if they “bend”, i.e. they deform due to a hole, they can be repaired, unlike those in alloy. For all these reasons, this type of rims are also more suitable for those dedicated to off-road driving. The iron rims are not very aesthetically beautiful and we tend to cover them with wheel covers . There can be wheel covers of different sizes and with different designs to satisfy everyone’s needs and tastes.

What to consider when buying 17 inch Rims

The choice of rims is certainly important when looking at the wheels of your car and the standard sizes tend to range from 14 “to 20” (and new cars often have 16 “or 17” rims). If you want to change the rims of the car, this is a choice that could affect the monthly subsistence costs, especially since the tires and chains must be changed as a result. If you are a fan of off-road trips, the advantages are certainly many. The grip of 17-inch or larger wheels is greater than that of smaller diameter wheels. Not in all situations: in fact the rims with lower displacement allow greater grip in case of water or snow, while the 18-inch rims favor the phenomenon of aquaplaning. Choosing 17 inch rims rather than 15-inch rims changes the terms of driving precision, in fact the grip on the road in case of bumps, rain or snow is certainly greater. Usually lovers of sports driving try to provide the car with rims of a smaller diameter, because they allow better control of driving on the road, reducing the risk of skidding, if the motorway is in excellent condition. In addition, the weight of the tires also changes on the 18 ”rims making the inertia greater. The 18-inch wheels also have stronger traction, but comfort on the road is sacrificed a lot. In addition, smaller diameter rims guarantee greater protection of the rims, especially if they are made of alloy. Opting for a smaller diameter also guarantees lower risk of tire breakage in the event of potholes.

What tires fit on size 17 rims

On a vehicle of any class, it is necessary to install wheels with the appropriate parameters. Auto manufacturers allow the installation of wheels with tires that match the standard size. It is also allowed to use wheels with a diameter size that does not exceed the standard parameters by more than two inches for passenger cars. As for the disks, the car disk, for example, of a crossover should not differ from the standard one by more than three inches. Having dealt with the diameter of the tire, owners are faced with the choice of width, profile height, speed index and tire load. Let’s take a closer look at each item worth paying attention to.

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