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250 CC Motorcycles: Stylish and Fashionable 

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250 CC Motorcycles

For those who no longer consider themselves a beginner and who are not interested in 125 cc motorcycles , but who are not yet ready to try out 600 cc bikes , 250cc motorcycle become the golden mean. Often they are chosen not for the sake of road trips or biker parties, but for fast and comfortable movement around the city or the start of a sports career. Speed, comfort, exterior and affordable price are valued here.

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Best 250cc Motorcycles

The image of the best in the motorcycle industry has long been won by Japanese manufacturers. High speeds, recognizable outlines, own style – many people want to be the owners of such equipment. And if you are among them, then you should pay attention to such models:

  • The Honda REBEL 250 is an agile and well-controlled cruiser. The driver has a 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine, 17.4 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox. REBEL 250 began to be produced in 85 of the last century, and since then its exterior has not changed much. The maximum speed is 140 km/h. Thanks to its stability and good cross-country ability, it can become a worthy candidate for the role of the first bike.


  • Kawasaki KX250 is a 250cc cross bike , presented on the market with thirteen generations, produced from 1974 to 2008. Buying this “Japanese”, you get 54 hp, which, with the weight of equipment 100 kg. open up a lot of opportunities for off-roading.


  • Yamaha YBR 250 is a road representative of the “Japanese family”, captivating with its bold exterior. At your disposal is a 154-kilogram design, endowed with 21 horsepower and accelerating to 140 km / h. The YBR 250 is ideal for traffic jams and just a comfortable ride. Among the latest “chips” it is worth noting a multi-reflective headlight and an LCD instrument panel.

The common among the listed 250 cc motorcycles is an impeccable reputation and a large army of fans.

Chinese 250 cc motorcycles: new players in the motor market

The main advantage of motorcycles from China is, of course, an affordable price. But with all the availability, many options have decent quality and fairly decent characteristics. Some examples:

  • Lifan LF250-3A is a 20 hp road bike with a 6-speed gearbox. It does not require large investments: it costs about $ 2,000, and consumes only 2.2 liters per 100 km.
  • Patron Taker 250 is a worthy sports representative of China. Provides good maneuverability, acceleration to 140 km / h and reliable braking due to 300 mm front discs.
  • The Blackster 250 V2 is a stylish cruiser , the designers of which, apparently, were inspired by the American Harley-Davidson. It will not impress Harley fans, but it will do for the layman.

When choosing Chinese 250cc bikes, it is worth remembering that their appearance is often more aggressive than their character, and the driving dynamics may not live up to expectations. Therefore, no matter how powerful the model may seem, carefully study the characteristics and reviews of the owners.

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